DCW Edition

Mantis lamp BS2

As admirer of Alexander Calder, in 1951 Schottlander created the Mantis series of lamps.
Movement is intrinsic to all of Schottlander’s work : an artist, an engineer and in no small measure a handyman, he devised a clever system of counterweights combined with a series of strong and flexible metal bars.
The shade also is unique of its kind. Like an acrobat suspended in midair, it is made from aluminium using spinning and chasing techniques that are a part of the metalworker’s inventory of skills, but to which he has brought his sculptor’s eye to create a helical movement.

This wall lamp consists of a large arm (L 153 cm) rotating (horizontal rotation at 200 °) and tilting vertically (vertical amplitude 65 cm). The adjustable shade makes it possible to direct the light precisely in all directions. This wall lamp allows to direct the luminous flux above you whatever your activity: reading in an armchair or dining around a table.

Weight 12 kg
Size 153 x 47 x ht. 68 cm
Material steel / aluminium
Colour black

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