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Standing lamp No1 Muller van Severen

This lamp originate from the same concept, which is the materialization of simple and colorful drawings in the space of the interior.
Similar to the hanging lamp, this standing lamp consists of practically nothing more than one fluent, curved line with a bulb attached to the end of it. Since this object needs to stand on the ground, two small lines were added, becoming the legs of the lamp. On one hand the basic design doesn’t draw too much attention, on the other hand its playful character does tingle the eye.

Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen are basically artists, it is natural that their collection is somewhere between design and art - it is furniture: tables, seats, shelves or lights - but the form is not just about function and suggests different ways of living and using space. 

Availability: 2-3 weeks.

Weight 12 kg
Size 83.6 x ht. 190 cm
Material steel
Colour blue, green, curry, grey, black

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

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