Astep, brand of lighting design by Alessandro Sarfatti, nephew of the founder of ArteLuce, Gino Sarfatti, and son of Riccardo who with the wife Alessandra Severi founded in 1978 Luceplan, inherits by his fathers’ experience a timeless design constantly innovating at the same time. Astep design signs projects in which the brilliance of past great designers, such as Gino Sarfatti and Vittorio Viganò, joins the one of contemporary artists, such as Francisco Gomez Paz e Alfredo Häberli, creating products which derive from past icons, assimilating new trends and technology innovations. Hence, the collaboration with Flos for the tribute collection Flos with Sarfatti, which re-interpretates in a contemporary key, five Gino Sarfatti luminaires with LED technology, without detracting anything from the original sophisticated designs.