Chiccham Rugs

Linear — Eliane Gervasoni

For this first collaboration with Chic Cham Rugs, the artist transposed a white ink drawing on black paper onto this asymmetrical carpet with a sequence of lines whose repetition produces vibrations and optical effects.

Born in Basel, Eliane Gervasoni lives and works in Lausanne.
Trained as an engraver, the artist is also active in drawing and photography.
Nourished by her architectural aspirations, she explores elementary forms and plays with the perception of space. Favouring primary colours and pure lines, she experiments with the relationship between empty and full, rhythm and silence.  

Width 1.5 cm.
New Zealand hand tufted wool.

Shedding is a natural occurrence which will decrease over time.

Delivery: 2 months.

Weight 15 kg
Size 180 x 230 cm
Material wool
Colour black / off white

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