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Eclipse — Balmer Hählen

For this first collaboration between Chic Cham and Balmer Hählen, two rugs inspired by the stars in which geometric shapes have been developed. 
Intrigued, even passionate about the planets, they wish to transmit through these two carpets a timeless idea of escape in a minimalist universe.

The shapes that characterise Eclipse give an illusion of movement, in fact their setting tell a story. The black partially obscures the white; it is an invitation to observe this scene frozen in time and space, like a painting. The outline of the added forms gives this carpet a unique character, it combines both circular and linear borders. 

Founded by Priscilla Balmer and Yvo Hählen, the Balmer Hählen studio is located in the heart of Lausanne since 2013. Since its creation, the studio has been involved in collaborations, notably with designers, stylists and paper finishers. This graphic exploration allows the studio to develop on different types of printed, digital or textile media. Their work is regularly exhibited in Switzerland and abroad, notably in several international poster competitions in China, Russia, Scotland and Japan, where Balmer Hählen received the Tokyo Type Directors Club Annual Awards in 2018. 

Width 1.5 cm.
New Zealand hand tufted wool.

Shedding is a natural occurrence which will decrease over time.

Delivery: 2 months.

Weight 15 kg
Size 180 x 230 cm
Material wool
Colour black / off white

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