Loop table Willy Guhl

The Loop table from Willy Guhl consists of a single fibre cement slate. It is manufactured without cutoffs or other additional modifications.
The Loop outdoor table visibly complements the Loop outdoor armchair by Willy Guhl. However, they complement each other more than just optically - the table can also be inserted into the garden armchair for storage. The curved shape makes this possible.
Willy Guhl’s design pieces are more than just table and chair. They emanate a feeling for life. And, without a doubt, they write design history, inside as well as outside.
Since the beginning of the 1990s, Eternit's products have been completely asbestos-free.

Delivery after one week at the store.

Weight 11 kg
Size 72 x 40 x ht. 22 cm
Material fiber concrete
Colour light grey

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