Loop chair Willy Guhl

In 1954, Swiss designer Willy Guhl created the first lounge chair made from fiber concrete, to which the company Eternit owes its name.
It would become a classic of 20th century furniture design. The Loop chair is now a further development of the original design that Guhl made seven years before he passed away in 2004.
Its shape remains similar to the original without denying its individual character. The lines of the successor are more distinctive than the ones of the predecessor, the curved, closed body made of eternit however explicitly follows the 1954 concept.
Since the beginning of the 1990s, Eternit's products have been completely asbestos-free.

Delivery after one week at the store.

Weight 24.2 kg
Size 79 x 54 x ht. 71 cm
Material fiber concrete
Colour light grey

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