Halo Edition

Halo lamp Vice

Halo Vice is created by Mandalaki Design Studio.

Halo Vice is aimed at reproducing this natural phenomenon that may appear above the highest clouds in the hour of fading twilight, or be reflected off high snowfields in mountainous regions long after sunset.

When the sun is low on the sky, sunlight passes through more air and sometimes can be influenced by water droplets, clouds or particles of volcanic origin: these particles, when they reach the stratosphere and scatter blue light, produce a stunning pinkish color, often preceded by a yellow arch hugging the horizon. Those purple hues happen with particular conditions and time and are most often associated with volcano eruptions or hurricanes: the beauty before the beast. Halo Vice, an amazing pinkish sky landscape is now ready to be beamed in your own space.

Halo Vice integrates a high power LED and a sophisticated optical system. The integration of the flexible head allows different projection compositions and increases the versatility of the product allowing new graphic composition and lighting setup.

Delivery: 3 weeks.

Weight 1 kg
Size 12 x 10 x ht. 120 cm
Material Black anodized aluminium, LED, brass, iron and glass
Colour black, gradient yellow to pink

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