Halo Edition

Halo lamp horizon

Halo Horizon is the first piece of the Landscape collection created by Mandalaki Design Studio.
It takes us back to a specific moment in which, on the border between earth and space, day and night meet for a few moments, giving us a breathtaking landscape.
Horizon recreates that luminous phenomenon that occurs in nature, where light bent by gravity and scattered in billions of particles in the atmosphere becomes visible in the form of colour and shades opening a space-time window overlooking our planet, and which is directly beamed into your home.

The Halo Project is the result of the optical research carried out by Mandalaki Design Studio from Milan, whose goal is the union of art with technology.

Combining the research with innovative industrial design process, Mandalaki create unique pieces of high conceptual value that are more than just a source of illumination. Halo is an optical instrument capable of creating art installations that enlarge the perception of the space.

Halo Horizon integrates a high power LED and a sophisticated optical system. The integration of the flexible head allows different projection compositions and increases the versatility of the product allowing new graphic composition and lighting setup.

Delivery: 3 weeks.

Weight 1 kg
Size 12 x 10 x ht. 120 cm
Material Black anodized aluminium, LED, brass, iron and glass
Colour black

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