Chiccham Rugs

Souche - Pierre Bonard

A carpet evokes to Pierre Bonard the ground covered with leaves and from there, the world of the forest, one of his favourite subjects. In the forest, what interests him most are certain elements: trunks, branches, logs. A closer look at his work reveals that the anatomy of these woods, lying on a ground that is anything but naturalistic, is a botanical aberration: the Y, the natural shape of a tree's branch, becomes an X.   And then immediately the X and Y refer to the chromosomes. We can see a mutation, but also the hand of the man who transforms the savage into a civilized person, by grafting, trellising or pruning.
Nursery gardener, lumberjack, artist or witchcraft apprentice?  With this question we find another of Pierre Bonard's favourite themes: the civilized vs. the wild (or with the wild).
And what could be better than to sit on the softness of a wool carpet to think about it and dream about it... 

Designed by Pierre Bonard for Chiccham Rugs.

Width 1.5 cm.
New Zealand hand tufted wool.

Shedding is a natural occurrence which will decrease over time.

Delivery: 2 months.

Weight 15 kg
Size 170 x 240 cm
Material wool
Colour multicolor

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