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Anal - Atelier Poisson

The desire to play with very short and strong words that speak to us from the ground, as in the OH OUI AH NON OU BIEN project.  The choice of the word ANAL comes from all the ambiguity it contains and makes it interesting for this reason, because it can be read in many ways.  Still obscene and forbidden to some, it has recently become a much more common and banal word, both for sexual practices that are now widely practiced, and for someone who is said to have regressive psychological behaviour. Displaying it alone in the centre of a carpet, in a delicate pale pink colour, is as much a slight provocation as it is an uncomplicated affirmation.  In the end, it is only a medical term for a part of our body.  

First collaboration between Chic Cham and Giorgio Pesce, four new carpets designed in the offbeat, playful and surprising spirit emblematic of Atelier Poisson's creations. Following this invitation in the form of a carte blanche, Giorgio Pesce decided from the outset that he wanted to avoid any purely decorative or aesthetic project, to create carpets that were very personal, and that tried to arouse a reaction, an emotion, a little dialogue. The series he produced, in different styles, all obey this principle of very direct dialogue with the viewer, with a humour and a style of illustration that he had not seen elsewhere on this type of medium. With a long experience of colours and a refinement in the choice of colours, each piece is deliciously finished, contrasting with the great strength of the subjects and handmade designs.  

Width 1.5 cm.
New Zealand hand tufted wool.

Shedding is a natural occurrence which will decrease over time.

Delivery: 2 months.

Weight 15 kg
Size 170 x 240 cm
Material wool
Colour pink

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