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Patch extendable table walnut

Combining high-end materials, the Patch extending table combines a solid wooden base with a Mat Fenix NTM® laminate top.
This next-generation material is obtained via using nanotechnology combined with thermosetting resins.
The mat and silky surface resists fingerprints and can be cleaned easily (resists scratching and solvents).
What's more, this material has an increased resistance to scratches, abrasion, impacts and heat.

The Patch table has perfectly worked lines and meticulous details. The top has a wooden edging which highlights the softness of the rounded corners.
The area where the base and top meet is marked by elegant golden brass parts (located on top of the legs).
This extending table uses the butterfly extension technique to allow all the guests to sit comfortably, even at the end of the table.
This retractable extension system is so clever because the opening operation does not require any effort: the central extension leaf unfolds in no time at all.

Available also in dimensions: 240 x 100 cm x H 75 cm - with extension : 340 x 100 cm x H 75 cm.

Delivery: 6 weeks.

Weight 81.3 kg
Size 180 x 90 cm x H 75 cm - with extension : 280 x 90 cm x H 75 cm
Material solid walnut / brass / Fénix
Colour walnut / dark brown top

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