Matégot coat rack

Mathieu Matégot, a famous Hungarian designer, is one of the key players in post-war design, leaving his mark on the style of the 1950s.
He was the inventor of perforated sheet steel and was the first to use it in his designs.
Today, Mathieu Matégot's creations are still timeless.
Created in the 1950s, this coat rack consists of a brass centre with three metal arms with coloured ends. This creation associates colour, a vital symbol, with playful and expressive elementary forms. This small architectural construction is extremely graphic.

Delivery: 2-3 weeks.

The burgundy model is on display in the shop.

Weight 2 kg
Size 38 x 20 x ht. 34 cm
Material powder coated metal / brass
Colour brass/ white/burgundy, brass/ black, brass/ white/yellow/red
  • White
  • Black
  • Yellow

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