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Dechem Studio are designers and storytellers in Bohemian glass. Their work is based on contemporary design combined with a mastery of production and a healthy respect for old Central European craft and traditions. They design, produce and sell our collections of lights and decorativeglass products. 
A significant component of our work is blowing glass into a colour gradient. 
They have collaborated with renowned galleries and institutions, and curated and exhibited projects in Milano, London, Frankfurt, Istanbul and a few other cities around the world. All of their creations are manufactured with care in Czech workshops using unique methods, including hand-blowing, snapping, cutting, grinding, firing, engraving and glass painting.
They founded DECHEM studio in Prague in 2012 as partners in both work and life after years of studying glass craft and design, and we have grown it into a renowned and award-winning design studio.

Glass vase hand blown into beech wood moulds. Colour gradient in glass.

The little imperfections and bubbles in your purchase are the proof of its hand-made origin.

Weight 1 kg
Size diam.15.5 x ht. 25 cm
Material hand blown glass
Colour powder pink

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