PC Portable lamp

The PC Portable Light by Pierre Charpin for Hay is a sophisticated and portable LED light for indoor and outdoor use. Made of rugged plastic and equipped with a matt, scratch- and water-repellent surface, the battery-operated and rechargeable luminaire offers the freedom and flexibility to use it wherever it is needed. The portable PC luminaires are available in a variety of colours and are ideal for table lighting in private homes, cafes, restaurants and other public areas.  The light source is concealed by a polycarbonate diffuser. The colours for the PC Portable have been specially matched to Hay's outdoor furniture. In cream white, the luminaire radiates a pleasant ambient light, while in black and olive, the luminaire provides glare-free light directed downwards. The light intensity can also be controlled with an integrated touch-step dimmer switch at the base of the lamp.  Charged, the LED battery light provides up to 10 hours of light. A USB cable for charging is included. The LED light source is replaceable and has an estimated life of 25000 operating hours.

Weight 0.3 kg
Size diam 14 x ht. 22 cm
Material plastic
Colour black

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