Normann Copenhagen

Eddy lamp

Eddy, the table lamp, is an art of proportion: an airy shade floats above a weighty, organic base, creating a design in balance and motion.
Steel and marble make up the main elements, while golden shimmers of brass put the dot on the I on this atmospheric lamp.
The table lamp consists of a plane steel screen with integrated LED light source that balances on a lamp base made of hand turned Italian marble. The rotation process is emphasized by the proportion between a slim neck and a bulky body, which forms a simultaneously lively and dense silhouette. Lampshade and base meet each other in a golden rotation point in the form of a glossy brass ball.
The shade can be tipped around the ball to control the direction of the light. With its downward facing screen, Eddy not only illuminates its surroundings but also itself. Its light shines down on the marble, emphasizing the changing character of the material. The table lamp emits a soft light, which can be adjusted with the circular brass dimmer that forms a refined detail on the lampshade’s top.

Weight 8 kg
Size diam.32 x ht. 33.5 cm 
Material marble, steel, brass, LED light source
Colour white

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