Aoiro Airdesign

Hakudo scented candle

The scent of Hakudo is inspired by the invisible layers of the mountain ground – the earthy and green-velvety moss, the soils that are rich in organic material, the roots that distribute their lives deep underground.  
It offers a dark and rich impression, a dry and moist temperament with a hint of smokiness in the background.  

Ingredients: hiba, yuzu, oak moss, amyris, coapaiba, vetiver, elemi, green oregano, palmarosa, ajowan and cypress.  

Each candle is created with 100% natural botanical essences & pure soy wax and hand poured by a skilled craftsman. Enjoy the crackle of the burning wooden wick.

Weight 0.6 kg
Size diam. 8 x ht 9 cm
Material glass / botanical essences / soy wax
Colour black 


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