And Tradition

Formakami JH5 pendant

Delicate materials and hand craftsmanship give the iconic Asian lantern a contemporary twist with the Formakami table lamp by Jaime Hayon. The result is an ambient light in a lamp where the design itself appears light.
It’s a hybrid concept fusing different aspects of cultures into a new design idiom. Airy, bulbous shapes crafted in ivory white rice paper with black lacquered ash accents look Asian and yet somewhat Scandinavian. Place the lamps in a modern milieu and cultural references disappear, replaced by a sense of magic.
Switched off, there’s a sense of serenity. Switched on, there’s intimacy.

Weight 1 kg
Size diam.70 x ht. 67 cm
Material ivory white paper/ black stained oak
Colour ivory white / black


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