Wine breather deluxe

Open a bottle of wine, put the Wine Breather Deluxe over the opening and turn it over - the wine will run through the decanter into the large, perforated carafe. Perfect ventilation. 
Due to the new design and improved shape, the wine is enriched with 10 times more oxygen - which means you get 10 times better wine than without aeration.  One aim of decanting is to bring the wine into contact with air and oxygen so that its aroma can improve. Especially young or natural, still somewhat angular wines can gain smoothness through this process. 

If you turn over the bottle with the Wine Breather Deluxe once more, the wine will run back into the wine bottle again. You can taste the pleasure of wine that has ten times more oxygen content than the common ones.

The Menu Wine Breather for decanting is suitable for wine bottles of 0.7 or 1.0 litres but offers enough capacity for up to 1.4 litre.

Weight 0.8 kg
Size diam 20 x ht. 21 cm
Material glass / stainless steel /plastic /silicone
Colour transparent / silver

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