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Pebble teapot

This finely crafted teaware collection is characterised by the round shapes and textures reminiscent of pebble stones. Created by the handwork of skilled Japanese craftsmen, the shape of the spout is made easy to pour and free of drips. The faint touches of rust and unique colours, in harmony with the round soft shape, create a pleasant scenery expanding your tea experience.  The integrated stainless steel strainer allows the tea leaves to bloom widely inside the pot creating a more flavourful tea. As it comes with a strainer made of stainless steel, the Pebble Teapot is suitable for everyday use as well as for special teatime with guests. Capacity:500 ml.

Weight 1 kg
Size diam.16 x ht. 10.5 cm
Material porcelain
Colour black, moss green
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