Ridge vase S

With its narrow shape, the Ridge vase provides a new way of showcasing flowers. The presentation in a line individually highlights each flower.
Thus arranged, a bouquet takes on a graceful lightness, almost surreal. Handmade in Portugal, the Ridge vase was designed by the Finish studio, Kaksikko.
At the head of this Scandinavian label, we find Salla Luhtasela and Wesley Walters, a creative pair who share a common interest in practical and discreet shapes which highlight the tactile qualities of each material. The Ridge vase's surface is decorated with embossed ridges.

Weight 0.6 kg
Size 23 x 8.5 x ht 35 cm  
Material Earthenware: Enamelled interior (gloss) / coarse exterior (mat)
Colour off white
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