Rouge du Rhin

Marrakech cushion 47/47

The Rouge du Rhin cushions with their graphic designs are suitable for all interior styles.

Rouge du Rhin linen is one of the few natural fibres produced in Europe.
The climatic conditions in this region are perfectly suited to the cultivation of linen.
Flax is a very environmentally friendly fibre that requires significantly less pesticides and fertilisers than other crops.
Its fibres are recyclable and possibly biodegradable.
The manufacturing and printing are done in France. The production and printing are carried out in France. All phases of cutting and making up are controlled and mastered by Rouge du Rhin, which devotes particular attention to them, with the aim of respecting a spirit of craftsmanship that differentiates high quality products from industrial ones.

Linen removable cover (zip).

Feather filling included.

Weight 0.7 kg
Size 47 x 47 cm
Material 100% linen
Colour linen /grey / black

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