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Kashi cushion

This rectangle cushion has been hand embroidered in the greatest respect of Indian traditions.  
Among the traditional embroideries, the Kantha technique is the oldest and most diversified. The origin of this embroidery is attributed to the Buddha and his disciples, who thus made their blankets. Kantha, which means rag, is an embroidery work made from the remains of fabrics but instead of cutting and sewing together the pieces, they are superimposed on each other.
Its ethnic motif will add a boho chic touch to your interior and be the perfect accessory for your home.

By choosing this handmade piece, you help preserve traditional know-how and support artisan communities. Thank you for supporting our artisans.

Weight 0.5 kg
Size 40 x 40 cm
Material 100% cotton /filling polyester
Colour green / white
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