There is no history in the world of modern furniture that doesn’t start with the innovative models manufactured by Arflex, which has definitely changed the concept, image, and feeling of home.

In 1947, a group of technicians from Pirelli, including Aldo Bai, Pio Reggiani, Aldo Barassi, and a young architect named Marco Zanuso began to experiment with the use of foam rubber and elastic tapes for furniture.
In the history and life of a company, there are events and moments of special meaning that are awards for merit. Those first memorable moments in the history of Arflex coincide with the company’s creation, in modest premises of Milan’s Corso di Porta Vittoria. It was there that the first manufacturing and sales team was formed, but the Arflex company was presented to the public for the first time in 1951.
Famous Arflex designers include Marco Zanuso, B.B.P.R., Franco Albini, and Cini Boeri, who were as young as the company was during the 1950's.
The number of designers who collaborated with the company grew during those years, including several mainstays of Italian design and projecting managers of new generations.

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